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Creators : Fujino Makie Taguchi Yuko Fujita Soki Aoki Ken Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Kishimoto Kenichiro Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Abstract Background: Expanding nursing workload is a worldwide problem. However, any nursing workload assessment (NWA) tool requires complicated analyses of the nursing job profile. To determine the imbalance in time assignments across all nursing operations and to reduce nursing workload, a nursing job survey was conducted. Methods: A total of 25 major job categories, common to all hospital wards, were identified, and an NWA tool was developed for efficient analyses to feature easy/flexible entry of the time spent for each job category and real-time visual profiling of job time allocation. The profile could be divided by job categories, wards, shifts, and years. Results: From the preliminary analyses, undesirable time allocation was revealed in several job categories, especially the time for recording and other nonessential nursing operations. Using the analytical functions of the NWA tool between 2014 and 2016, a series of corrective measures were successfully taken to many job categories, and they were found to be effective. Consequently, excessive overtime workload was reduced from 125 min/day/nurse in 2014 to 100 and 100 min/day/ nurse in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Conclusion: Notable improvements in nursing workload and time allocation for attentive patient care could be achieved employing the novel user-aimed NWA tool.
Creators : Shimizu Yumi Satou Kazutaka Manago Noriko Itou Masako Ichihara Kiyoshi Maekawa Tsuyoshi Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of two different postures (sitting and standing) and three different ambient temperatures (10℃, 20℃, and 30℃) on heart rate variability (HRV) among healthy young adults. Methods: Twelve young adult volunteers (males 6, females 6) were recruited. Following acclimatization to any the room temperature (10℃, 20℃ or 30℃), 5-min measurements of HRV were conducted in sitting and standing postures of the subjects. Results: Compared to the sitting posture, measurements obtained in the standing posture revealed a significant decrease in high-frequency power/HF, root mean square of successive differences between RR intervals, standard deviation of Poincaré plot perpendicular to the line-of-identity or SD1 and SD1/standard deviation of Poincaré plot along the line-of-identity or SD2, and a significant increase in lowfrequency power/LF and LF/HF under all experimental conditions (p<0.05 to 0.005). Majority of HRV parameters showed significant differences while the values obtained under 10℃ were compared with 20℃ and 30℃ conditions, respectively (p<0.05 to 0.001). Conclusions: Our findings suggest the predominance of sympathetic tone in the standing compared with sitting posture. Furthermore, colder conditions caused a predominance of the parasympathetic activity in both sitting and standing postures, and such effects of ambient temperature on the sympathovagal balance were stronger in the latter posture.
Creators : Wada Sunao Mahbub MH Nakagami Yuki Hase Ryosuke Yamaguchi Natsu Takahashi Hidekazu Saito Hiroyuki Shimokawa Junki Watanabe Rie Harada Noriaki Tanabe Tsuyoshi Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Abstract Background: Recently, the importance of nutritional management in pressure ulcer control has been pointed out. In this study, we analyzed the relationship between nutritional indicators and the presence or absence of pressure ulcers in order to reveal the importance of nutritional management in pressure ulcer control. Method: We investigated 407 inpatients for blood tests, height, weight, BMI, the Ohura-Hotta (OH) scale, nutrition method, living independence, and the presence or absence of pressure ulcers. Results: In the comparison of patients with and without pressure ulcer, significant differences were found in gender, nutrition method, serum total protein, serum albumin, hemoglobin concentration, and the OH scales. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that gender, intravenous nutrition, serum albumin levels, and the OH scale were associated with the presence or absence of pressure ulcers. The results suggest that not only the OH scale, but the nutritional support was also important in the prediction of the pressure ulcer. It was suggested that shifting from intravenous feeding to tube feeding or oral feeding is important. Conclusion: we found that pressure ulcer was related to gender, intravenous nutrition, serum albumin level and the OH scale. The importance of nutritional management for pressure ulcer prevention was confirmed.
Creators : Tanabe Nobuka Kodama Etsuko Matsui Mayumi Wakuda Kayoko Fujiwara Kazuyo Tsutsumi Masae Yamamoto Takeshi Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Abstract Objectives: This study examined the short-term outcomes of endovascular therapy (EVT) with the GORE VIABAHN VBX (VBX) which is a balloon-expandable covered stent in patients with aortoiliac occlusive disease (AIOD) and acute limb ischemia (ALI). Methods: This was a single-center retrospective review of patients with AIOD and ALI who underwent EVT with the VBX between December 2018 and January 2021. Primary, assisted, and secondary patency rates were assessed, along with 30-day mortality rates. Results: Twenty-two patients underwent EVT with the VBX; 18 patients had AIOD, whereas 4 had ALI. The incidence of TransAtlantic Intersociety Classification II D lesions was 50% (n=9). Technical success was 100%. One patient with unilateral common iliac artery stenosis developed an intraoperative dissection of the distal edge of the VBX, which required an additional self-expanding VIABAHN stent on the distal edge of the VBX. The primary patency rate at 24 months was 100%. No patients required additional target vessel treatment at a median follow-up of 10 months (range, 1-27). EVT was also successful in the four patients with ALI, who had no complications of the target vessel. Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that EVT with the VBX is effective for AIOD and ALI.
Creators : Mizoguchi Takahiro Morikage Noriyasu Ike Soichi Nagase Takashi Samura Makoto Harada Takasuke Kurazumi Hiroshi Suzuki Ryo Suehiro Kotaro Hamano Kimikazu Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
To date, the process of implementing the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global climate change mitigation and adaptation obligations has been largely decoupling in most countries. This creates administrative duplication, costs, and hinders the development of effective problem solving. Against this background, we show the present state of research on policy integration and integrated policymaking. Following the research results of Bauer et al. (2021) and Teebken et al. (2021), this note briefly summarizes different understandings of policy integration and detailed criteria for evaluating policy integration from different academic perspectives. Implementing an interactive agenda requires political attention and institutional competence to address the interactions and complexity of each, understand policies at a national level, and translation. In this note, we will introduce the basic concept of what integration practice looks like, and focusing on the interaction between the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.
Creators : Chen Li-chun Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the movement of the economy when the consumption demand is fully realized after the economy achieves full employment. If the investment demand is fully realized, full employment will not be sustained. However, full employment will continue if the consumption demand is fully realized.
Creators : Umada Tetsuji Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
Creators : Bai Jinlong Chen Jianping Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
Creators : Akkemik K. Ali Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
This paper empirically examines the impacts of household debt and leverage ratio, measured by the ratio of aggregate household debt to GDP, on consumption using provincial-level macro-data in China. Results show that household indebtedness has a positive and significant effect on consumption expenditure and this remains true for both household debt and leverage ratio, as well as long-term and short-term debts and leverage ratios, and the encouraging effects are heterogeneous across regions. When the debt-to-GDP ratio is below 100%, the consumption experiences faster growth than that when the debt-to-GDP ratio exceeds 100%. In addition, residents’ saving, per capita disposal income and the public expenditure on education, social security, as well as medical and health services are found to have significant positive effects on consumption, while CPI and child dependency ratio have depressive effects.
Creators : Wei Zhang Li Haifeng Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
As income levels increase, numerous households will consider investing in risky assets. Credit availability, especially for high-income households, is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing households holdings of risky assets (HHRA). The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of credit availability on HHRA. In this study, the data from the China Household Finance Survey in 2017 is utilized, and the approach of logit regression is employed to produce more accurate estimates. Meanwhile, this study also explores the heterogeneous roles of household income. The results show that the impact of credit availability on HHRA varies by household income. As household income increases from low to high, the effect of credit availability on HHRA transfers from negative to positive. Besides, the results also suggest that for high-income households, credit availability moderated with the attention to financial and economic information positively contributes to HHRA. Thus, it implies that policymakers and financial institutions are encouraged to expand access for households to invest in risky assets, enhance households’ availability of credit, and build more financing channels.
Creators : Chen Fuzhong Lu Xiuli Li Haifeng Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
The establishment of the environmental protection law reflects the Chinese government's determination to achieve ecological civilization. Since January 1, 2015, when the revised Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China came into effect, environmental public interest litigation in China has been rapidly growing. In the implementation of environmental law, environmental public interest litigation plays an irreplaceable role. The mechanism of environmental public interest litigation will ideally enhance the effectiveness and prevention of environmental protection and become a major contributor to public awareness of environmental protection. Despite the fact that environmental public interest litigation in China has made great progress, there are still many shortcomings and defects. One of the major difficulties facing environmental public interest litigation in China is the lack of standing of plaintiffs in environmental public interest litigation. This paper will explore the necessity of plaintiff status for environmental public interest litigation in China's grassroots self-governance organizations based on the situation of environmental pollution in rural China, using village committees as an example.
Creators : Yu Guizhong Yang Qingqing Li Haifeng Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
As global warming continues to intensify, how to prevent climate deterioration has become a serious concern for all countries. In recent years, although China’s GDP has leap to the second place in the world after the United States, it is accompanied by serious problems of environmental pollution and energy consumption with the rapid development of the economy. Under the common goal of global energy conservation and emission reduction, China has established seven carbon trading markets. Because the energy-chemical industry is a major concern for emission reduction and the carbon trading market has market regulation functions, examining the relationship between them is of great significance and can help the emission reduction effort. This study investigates the relationship between the carbon emission price of China's carbon trading market and the stock price of 30 listed companies in the energychemical industry. We use daily data to establish a panel model and var model, and then compare it with European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). The result indicates that there is an asymmetric one-way relationship between the carbon emission price and the stock price of the energy-chemical industry in China. The main reason is that the internal endogenous mechanism and external response mechanism of the carbon trading market are not perfect. Then the government should improve relevant legal system and trading system, and furthermore, introduce third-party institutions and strengthen talent pools.
Creators : Lyu Jingye Cao Ming Dong Xiao Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
Consumer capability refers to the ability to apply relevant knowledge and perform desirable behavior for achieving wellbeing. Previous research reveals that consumer behavior is more important than knowledge to indicate consumer capability. How to motivate individual consumers to engage in consumption activities that contribute to sustainable development? This is the question this conceptual paper attempts to address. This paper proposes a definition of sustainable consumer behavior and applies a theory-based, conceptual framework to develop action-taking programs in sustainable consumption education. Sustainable consumer behavior is defined as consumer acts that consider current and future interests of themselves and others when they purchase and use market goods. The behavior change theory used here refers to the transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM), a commonly used behavior change theory in health and finance. The paper demonstrates how to facilitate the development of sustainable consumer behavior in education intervention programs based on principles outlined in TTM with specific examples. Implications for policies and future research are also discussed.
Creators : Jing Jian Xiao Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
Creators : Zhou Xueguang Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
Creators : Hyodo Takashi Publishers : The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University
The purpose of this study was to compare demographic trends in the aging of the Japanese and Brazilian populations on the basis of health indicator data collected by the statistics bureaus of the Japanese and Brazilian governments. The demographic and health indicator data from surveys by the Statistics Bureaus of the Japanese and Brazilian governments and other sources were obtained from websites. The data showed that Japan has an aging population, that the number of elderly persons in Japan is increasing and that the Government of Japan has a plan to address future demands for health resources by this aging population, whereas Brazil has a rapidly population aging but no plan for its future health services. Brazil may need to increase the number of hospitals and hospital beds and develop a medical care plan for the elderly within its Unified Health System.
Creators : Sendo Eliane Satie Inoue Masaiwa Laskar MS Harada Noriaki Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Histopathological and immunohistochemical studies were conducted to investigate the local existence and distribution of mast cells, fibroblasts or dendritic cells, and myofibroblasts in scleroderma, while paying particular attention to the interstices around the adnexa. The skin tissues in 15 cases of systemic scleroderma were classified histopathologically into three stages: early, fully developed, and late stage. Mesenchymal cells were distinguished immunohistochemically by 6 markers: tryptase, CD34, factor XIIIa, alpha smooth muscle actin (αSMA), vimentin, and desmin. In scleroderma, there was an increase in the number of tryptase-positive mast cells in the interstices around the adnexa. With no relation to the interstitial sites, there was a significant decrease in the number of CD34-positive cells in the late stage, and a significant increase in αSMA-positive cells in the fully developed stage, but a decrease in the late stage. Results of the present study brought about the following new findings: it was only in the mast cells that there was a significant difference in the cell distribution between the interstices around the adnexa and the interstices in non-adnexal sites. Secondly, it was suggested that mast cells, CD34-positive dendritic cells, and αSMA-positive myofibroblasts were involved in the fibrosis and shrinkage or disappearance of the adnexa when scleroderma developed.
Creators : Yokoyama Emi Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has a poor prognosis even after curative surgery, due to the high frequency of early intrahepatic recurrence (IHR). Conventional staging systems are almost completely inadequate, and need to be complemented by novel tools. To this end, many investigators have performed DNA microarray analysis on the basis of genome-wide information. However, so far, few studies have been able to truly account for the clinical efficacy of DNA microarray analysis in HCC. To address this dilemma, we used a supervised learning method with information of 7070 genes from 33 HCC samples, to construct a 12-gene predictor for early IHR, and then evaluated its predictive performance in 27 independent HCC samples. Our 12-gene predictor correctly predicted early IHR or non-recurrence in 25 (93%) of the 27 independent samples. This predictive value is higher than that of any other system currently available, suggesting that our system can serve as a robust tool for accurate prediction of early IHR of HCC. I emphasize in this mini-review that, although there are some technical issues to resolve prior to clinical use, DNA microarray technology can provide molecular basis to initiate “bench to bedside” translation, which cannot be easily reached with other methods.
Creators : Iizuka Norio Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Creators : Shinohara Kenji Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Application of cell therapy using stem cell into intractable diseases has been noted as the medicine in the next generation taking the place of organ transplantation. Bone marrow cells have been focused as a candidate of the source of this therapy. Liver failure is a terminal state of all advanced liver diseases and thousands of patients are dying of decompensated liver cirrhosis in every year in Japan. Liver transplantation must be the strongest weapon to relieve those patients. However, particularly in Japan, liver transplantation has not been popularized. In this sense, we thought of autologous bone marrow cells transplantation for decompensated liver cirrhosis. Basic studies using animal model revealed that transplanted bone marrow cells into syngenic mouse suffering from liver cirrhosis migrated into the damaged liver and transdifferentiated to the hepatocytes. Based upon the animal studies, clinical trial of this new cell therapy supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is ongoing. It is early to estimate this therapy. However, free from liver failure has been observed in some cases.
Creators : Okita Kiwamu Sakaida Isao Terai Shuji Yamamoto Naoki Omori Kaoru Ishikawa Tsuyoshi Aoyama Kouji Shinoda Koh Hamamoto Yoshihiko Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Creators : Kasuga Yumi Publishers : 山口大学大学院教育学研究科附属臨床心理センター
本研究は質問紙調査により挫折体験の意味づけとフォーカシング的経験および外傷後成長(Post-Traumatic Growth,以下“PTG”と表記)との関連を検討するものである。パス解析の結果,(1)フォーカシング的経験のうち「体験過程の受容と行動」はPTGを促進すること,(2)挫折体験の意味づけのうち「同化」はフォーカシング的経験の「間が取れている」と「体験過程の確認時間・空間の確保」,「体験過程の受容と行動」を促進し「体験の感受」を抑制すること,また(3)挫折体験の意味づけのうち「調節」は「体験の感受」と「体験過程の受容と行動」を促進すること,(4)人は挫折体験を経験した際,「同化」と「調節」の両方を体験しがちであることが示された。以上より「同化と調節の振り子モデル」が提示され,調節のみならず同化も有機体の実現傾向のあらわれとして位置づけうること,また一見進んでいないようにみえるクライエントのプロセスを受容することが,結果としてプロセスを進めることにつながるうることが示唆された。
Creators : Oshie Takashi Publishers : 山口大学大学院教育学研究科附属臨床心理センター
Creators : Kasuga Yumi Publishers : 山口大学大学院教育学研究科附属臨床心理センター
Creators : Oshie Takashi Publishers : 山口大学大学院教育学研究科附属臨床心理センター
Incontinentia pigmenti (IP; OMIM# 308300) is a rare inherited disease caused by a mutation of IKBKG, which is also known as NEMO, located on Xq28. IP patients usually present with abnormalities of skin, eyes, nails and central nervous system. The neurological damege, which occur usually from neonatal through the early infantile period, leads to neulogical complication such as development retardation, motor paralysis and epilepsy. However, there has been little study done concerning the effect of therapy for the neural abnormalities. We have investigated the clinical findings in a female IP case with a novel mutation of IKBKG for six years due to disclosing the neurological prognosis and the immunological features. It is hoped that the present study will contribute to a better management of IP patients.
Creators : Sakata Yasufumi Hirano Reiji Yasudo Hiroki Shimomura Yutaka Takada Hidetoshi Suehiro Yutaka Ohga Shouichi Hasegawa Shunji Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
The hippocampal dentate gyrus has been identified to play a critical role in maintaining contextual memory in many mammalian species. To evaluate learninginduced synaptic plasticity of granule cells, we subjected male rats to an inhibitory avoidance (IA) task and prepared acute hippocampal slices. In the presence of 0.5 μM tetrodotoxin, we recorded miniature excitatory post synaptic currents (mEPSCs) and inhibitory post synaptic currents (mIPSCs) in male rats experiencing four groups: untrained, IA-trained, unpaired, and walk-through. Compared with the untrained, IA-trained, unpaired, and walk-through groups, the unpaired group significantly enhanced mean mEPSC amplitudes, suggesting the experience-induced plasticity at AMPA receptor-mediated excitatory synapses. For inhibitory synapses, both unpaired and walk-through groups significantly decreased mean mIPSC amplitudes, showing the experience-induced reduction of postsynaptic GABAA receptor-mediated currents. Unlike the plasticity at CA1 synapses, it was difficult to explain the learning- specific plasticity at the synapses. However, overall multivariate analysis using four variables of mE(I)PSC responses revealed experience-specific changes in the diversity, suggesting that the diversity of excitatory/inhibitory synapses onto granule cells differs among the past experience of animals include the learning. In comparison with CA1 pyramidal neurons, granule cells consistently showed greater amplitude and frequency of mE(I)PSCs. Fluctuation analysis further revealed that granule cells provide more postsynaptic AMPA receptor channels and greater single-channel current of GABAA receptors of than CA1 pyramidal neurons. These findings show functional differences between two types of principal cells in the hippocampus.
Creators : Han Thiri Zin Sakimoto Yuya Mitsushima Dai Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Androgen receptor (AR)-signaling plays an important role in promoting tumor cell survival and the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Androgen deprivation therapy is the basic therapeutic strategy for AR signaling blockade, but that effects wonʼt last long and most of metastatic prostate cancer show castration resistance. Recently, new agents, AR Axis Targeted agents (ARAT), have been developed. We have been developing our bench-to-bedside translational research to elucidate the mechanisms of drug resistance in prostate cancer. This review describes our investigational results and recent advances in CRPC with ARAT treatment strategy.
Creators : Matsumoto Hiroaki Matsuyama Hideyasu Publishers : Yamaguchi University School of Medicine
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment Volume 2016 pp. 023206 -
published_at 2016-02-25
We study the diffusion of Brownian particles in a Gaussian random velocity field with short memory. By extending the derivation of an effective Fokker–Planck equation for the Lanvegin equation with weakly colored noise to a random velocity-field problem, we find that the effect of thermal noise on particles is suppressed by the existence of memory. We also find that the renormalization effect for the relative diffusion of two particles is stronger than that for single-particle diffusion. The results are compared with those of molecular dynamics simulations.
Creators : Ueda Masahiko Publishers : IOP Publishing
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 80 - 87
published_at 2022-03
大学での教育は正課外活動も含めて学士力の育成や人格形成(社会性の醸成)を行っていくべきである。ただ, どのような正課外活動であっても実行するには必ずお金がかかると考えたほうよく, 学生は様々な機関の活動資金支援制度に申請して助成を受けることもあるだろう。本稿はそうした活動資金支援の申請書の作成ポイントについて, 申請書の骨子の作成, ポンチ絵の紹介と必要性および作成ポイント, 必要経費欄のまとめ方, 構成員状況提示の意味や意義, 申請書として作成するときや提出に関する注意事項, というまとめ方でエッセイ的に記したものである。
Creators : Tsuji Tamon Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 70 - 79
published_at 2022-03
マーチン・トロウ氏による「高等教育システムの段階」, いわゆるトロウモデルにおいて日本の高等教育機関は2004年以降「ユニバーサル・アクセス型」に移行している。結果, 文部科学省も示すように高等教育機関において正課外活動の充実が必要不可欠なものとなってきた。正課外活動を実施していく上で資金は必ず必要であり, それを得るための申請を行う機会も学生にとって少なくない。本稿は, 着想のきっかけ, 着想の価値や位置づけ, そしてプロジェクトのおもしろさについて, エッセイ的に記したものである。
Creators : Tsuji Tamon Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 67 - 69
published_at 2022-03
この度, 第51回中国四国大学保健管理研究集会を, 同研究集会当番校として, 本学で8年振りに開催した。昨年の第50回研究集会に続きコロナ禍での開催となり, 医学部附属病院オーディトリアムを配信会場としてのハイブリッド開催という形式で行った。多くの方々の参加・協力を得て, 無事開催することができたので報告する。
Creators : Okuya Shigeru Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 62 - 66
published_at 2022-03
山口大学生の日常生活における二酸化炭素排出量を共通教育の「環境と人間」の授業課題からアンケート調査により集めた。電気, ガス, 水道, 燃料, 廃棄物等のエネルギー消費量を基に換算係数を用いて二酸化炭素排出量を算出した結果, 平均値は1.9t-CO2/(年・人)であった。生活に伴う二酸化炭素排出量の電気及びガス項目からの合計は80%以上を占めた。エネルギー総量について学生生活の10 年間の差, 学部による差, 男女の差は, 多少見られたがエネルギー項目に特徴が見られた。1 人暮と家族暮では, 家族暮らしの方がエネルギーを多く消費する事が判明した。また, 家族暮では燃料として灯油, ガソリンの割合が大きく山口大学の立地条件から移動手段として車が多用されている事が考えられる。我が国の家庭部門の二酸化炭素排出量は1.32t-CO2/(年・人)であり(2020年度), 本調査結果の1.86t-CO2/(年・人)は約40%大きいが, 車を使った移動による燃料分を考慮すると妥当であることが確認できた。また電力の換算係数値が10年で約10%の減少に伴い, 二酸化炭素排出量が減少することが確認できた。本調査から山口大学生の生活の二酸化炭素排出量の実態が確認できた。
Creators : Fujiwara Isamu Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 54 - 61
published_at 2022-03
本稿は, 英語で研究活動を行う理系大学院留学生を対象とした「生活日本語」の授業の実践にもとづき, 入門レベルにおいて, タスクを取り入れ, 課題遂行を重視した授業テザインを検討するものである。実践にあたっては, 日本語教育における動向や関連する教育実践を概観し, 理系大学院留学生の日本語教育に対するニーズや, 日本語学習を継続する際の問題点を整理した。本実践の結果, (1)課題遂行を重視する授業デザインになじめない学習者がいた, (2)学習者が, タスクを導入した授業についてどのように捉えていたか, タスクの達成度をどのように考えていたかを明らかにするために, 学習者による評価を実施する必要がある, (3)日本語プログラム全体における本授業の位置づけや, 他のコースとの接続を検討する必要がある, といった課題が明らかになった。
Creators : Miyanaga Aiko Kawasaki Chiemi Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 50 - 53
published_at 2022-03
本研究は新型コロナウイルス影響下の2020年及び2021年に本学F学部に入学した学生163名を対象に, 入学当初である4~7月の歩数を調査した。歩数は各自が所有するスマートフォンに保存されている数値とした。本学の2020年4~7月の授業形態はオンライン授業, 2021年4~7月は対面授業が主であった。調査の結果, 2020年入学生の歩数(2811±1418歩)は2021年入学生(4346±1305歩)より有意に少なかった。また両年共に男性の方が女性より歩数が多く, 月別では4月の歩数が多かった。いずれの年も大学生の至適活動量を大きく下回っていた。以上から新型コロナウイルスによる活動自粛及び授業形態は新入生の歩数に影響を与えていた。
Creators : Ueda Masumi Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 42 - 49
published_at 2022-03
障害等のある学生へ情報保障の方法として音声認識技術の活用が進んでいるが, より有効に活用するためには認識率の担保や運用方法の工夫が必要となる。本稿では, 音声認識技術と補聴システムとを組み合わせた情報保障の質の向上のために, 端末や機器の使用方法を工夫する余地がどの程度あり得るのかについて, 実証実験結果をもとに分析する。実証実験からは, 同じ動画教材でも音量の調節や, 機材の組み合わせにより認識率に差異があることが明らかとなった。一方で, 動画教材の音源の鮮明度等によっては, 技術や機器の使用方法による認識率に大きな開きは見られなかった。このことから, 情報保障機材等の工夫がある程度有効であるものの, 発話や教材作成時の雑音への配慮が必要であると言える。
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 36 - 41
published_at 2022-03
大学時代にジェネリックスキルを計測した学生の追跡調査によると, 社会人の仕事満足には, 職場からの評価・キャリア自律・自主的な学びが影響している。そこには大学時代の行動持続力・自信創出力との関連が見られる。別の調査では, 地元志向の学生は行動持続力のスコアが有意に低いとの結果が得られた。社会人の仕事満足の観点から, とりわけ地元志向の学生に対して, 行動持続力をはじめとした対自己基礎力を高めるキャリア教育の強化が求められる。
Creators : Hirao Motohiko Matsumura Naoki Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 25 - 35
published_at 2022-03
山口大学留学生センターでは, 学部1年生対象の教養コア系列キャリア教育分野科目「知の広場」において「海外留学」に関する講義を行っており, 2021年度は1000名以上が受講した。受講後に学生が作成したコメントをKH Coderで分析し, コロナ禍における学部1年生の海外留学への意識を探った。その結果, 先行研究で留学の阻害要因と指摘されている費用・留年・語学力といった項目について講義で情報を得, さらに海外留学経験者の体験談にふれることで留学の希望を明確にする例や, 留学はしないが国内の身近な環境での国際交流や新たな経験に言及する例など, 1 年生の段階で留学に関する情報提供を行うことの有用性が示唆された。
Creators : Kawasaki Chiemi Miyanaga Aiko Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 10 - 24
published_at 2022-03
本稿の目的は, 山口大学AO入試の実施20年という節目にあたりAO入試の改善を見直し, 今後の総合型選抜改善の課題を明らかにするとともに, 入学者追跡調査による入試の検証の在り方の課題を明らかにすることである。今後, 追跡調査の重要性が増す中, これまでの山口大学の入試効果検証を維持しつつ, 総合型選抜においては新たな志願者獲得に向けての抜本的な見直しが必要と考える。
Creators : Takemoto Marie Hayashi Hiroko Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 19 pp. 1 - 9
published_at 2022-03
現在, 通信制課程の高校および生徒は増加傾向にある。1990年代以降, 通信制課程においては, 既存の高校教育の教育システムや教育方針を変える新しい教育の模索が行われている。通信制課程の実態を把握することは, 入学者受け入れを見直す上において重要と考え, 全日制課程との比較から通信制課程の進路選択を把握した。結果, 通信制課程の生徒は, 他者との比較の中で生じる能力アイデンティティの揺らぎや自己意識が高校卒業後の進路希望に影響せず, 大人の勧め等の影響を受けながら「高等学校卒業」という目的に向けて自分が選択した学びを進めているようすが明らかになった。
Creators : Hayashi Hiroko Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 48 - 51
published_at 2021-03
2020年3月以降のCOVID-19拡大を受け, 令和2年度の学生定期健康診断は, (1)健診項目削減, (2)対象者絞り込み, (3)受検前14日間の行動歴・健康観察表の記録, (4)体調不良者の受検拒否, (5)マスク着用・手指消毒, (6)換気と間隔をあけての整列等を徹底して行った。結果的に, 健診をきっかけにしての感染という事態は起きなかったものの, 学部生の受診率低下につながった。次年度に向けて, 安全で有益な健診計画を立てて実施していきたい。
Creators : Okuya Shigeru Morifuku Orie Fujikatsu Ayaka Kobayashi Kumi Umemoto Tomoko Nakahara Atsuko Yamamoto Naoki Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 38 - 47
published_at 2021-03
本年度は, 新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大防止のために遠隔授業が導入されるなど, 授業形式の多様化がみられた。連動して, 障害等のある学生への授業中支援の方法にも工夫が必要となり, 同時に面談でもオンラインを試行するなどの新しい試みを行う必要があった。本稿では, コロナ禍における障害等のある学生への修学支援について, 山口大学の取組を紹介する。具体的には, コーディネート業務・授業中支援・学生対応それぞれへの影響を概観するとともに, ポストコロナに向けた課題を整理しておきたい。オンラインを含め, 多様な学生を想定した授業プランの準備, 授業目的に合わせた効果的な支援手段を選べる環境整備が重要である。
Creators : Okada Nahoko Suto Kunihiko Tanaka Ayami Yanagishita Masako Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 33 - 37
published_at 2021-03
大学生の地元志向の特徴のひとつである「移ろい」に焦点をあて, 高校生から大学生としての就職活動終了時まで各段階での意識をとらえる。狭い地元志向・広い地元志向・非地元志向の3区分で計測すると, 地方出身学生の約6割は, どこかのタイミングで変化する。就職活動の結果と比較しても, 就活初期段階からは25.5%が, 大学初年次からは36.8%が, なんらかの変化を経験していることがわかった。移ろいがもたらされる要因の解明が課題として残される。
Creators : Hirao Motohiko Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 23 - 32
published_at 2021-03
近年, STEAM教育は世界的に注目されている。問題解決能力, 設計能力, 実践能力の育成を重視するSTEAM 教育は, 中国においても活発化している。2016年の中国の『教育情報化「十三五」計画』では, 「分野横断的な学習(STEAM教育)」の新しい教育方法において, 応用を積極的に探求し, 学生の情報的素養や革新的意識と創造能力を向上させることに力を入れるとしている。本研究は中国の学者, 鄭葳の『中国STEAM教育発展報告』に基づいて, 現在の中国のSTEAM教育について民間教育と学校教育の二つの側面から実践状況を紹介し, STEAM教育の発展に直面する問題を分析する。さらに芸術や美術教育を例として大学教育におけるSTEAM教育システムの意義と役割を検討する。このことは日本の義務教育, 高等教育で今後のSTEAM教育の検討材料の一つとなる。
Creators : Fukuda Takamasa Yang Shi-wei Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 10 - 22
published_at 2021-03
2021年度入試からの実施を目指した大学入試改革は, 改革の柱であった大学共通テストにおける記述式問題の導入, 大学入試英語成績提供システムの導入, 大学入試の選抜資料として高校調査書の積極的活用が見送られ, 大学は引き続き検討をしなければならない。18歳人口が減少する中, 大学は日本人の18歳入学者を主な対象として想定してきた従来のモデルから脱却する必要がある。山口大学における次なる入試改革の課題は何であるのか, 山口大学の入試の現状, 山口県の高校生の状況を再検討することが本稿の目的である。
Creators : Hayashi Hiroko Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Journal of higher education Volume 18 pp. 1 - 9
published_at 2021-03
文部科学省「地(知)の拠点大学による地方創生推進事業(COC+)」が2019 年度末をもって終了した。全国42 地域で繰り広げられた取組について一定の検証を行う必要があろう。地元就職率というKPI(Key Performance Indicator)に注目が集中しがちであるが, COC+事業を通して, 学生の学修成果のほか, 各地域に与えたインパクトは大きいものと考えられる。本稿では, 山口大学が中心となったCOC+事業における地域人材育成プログラム(やまぐち未来創生人材(YFL)育成プログラム)を考察材料に, 地域人材育成プログラムの開発・運営・成果を振り返り, 若者の地元定着はもとより, 多様な高等教育機関が協働して同一のテーマに取り組んだ価値や今後の課題について考察する。
Creators : Hayashi Toru Publishers : 山口大学教育・学生支援機構
Creators : Fukuda Takamasa You Sei Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Yoshida Takatomi Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Okamura Yoshihisa Ishikawa Masayo Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Fujimoto Yukinobu Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Iwao Fumi Kiya Hidekatsu Bunyu Keiko Tsuchihashi Yuka Ushimi Asuka Iida Junko Fujii Hiroko Mori Kumiko Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Creators : Kitamoto Takuya Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
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