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The purpose of this study was to experimentally examine the effects of wearing masks and sunglasses on the impression rating of a person in a COVID-19 pandemic environment. In this study, two groups were set up for the degree of familiarity with the person of the stimulus, one with a first meeting and the other with a four-year personal relationship. The experiment was conducted with first-year and fourth-year undergraduates, and the results of impression ratings using the SD method showed that for females meeting for the first time, wearing a mask decreased familiarity with the stimulus more than with the standard stimulus. For males in the first meeting group, wearing sunglasses decreased forcefulness. In the group with higher intimacy, these impressions were not reduced. Cluster analysis using the participants' consciousness of their public appearance as the dependent variable revealed two clusters, one for the high and one for the low level of awareness of others. Comparing the two groups' ratings of men who met for the first time, the cluster with low awareness of others showed a decrease in forcefulness due to the wearing of the mask, whereas the cluster with high awareness of others showed no decrease in forcefulness.
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This study examined the relationship between intellectual curiosity and regulatory focus on the retention of learning content. An intellectual curiosity scale, a facilitative-preventive focus scale and a comprehension test of lessons were administered to 59 undergraduate students. Results of correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis showed that specific curiosity and gain-approach orientation were related to the comprehension test. Second, the interaction effect of specific curiosity on the relationship between comprehension tests and regulatory focus was significant. Simple slope analysis showed that the effect of specific curiosity was not significant in the lower gain-approach orientation group, while the effect of specific curiosity in the higher group was significant.
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筆者らは、これまでコロナ禍において歌唱が制限されている「不自由感」、対面授業やオンライン授業に対する学生のポジティブな印象評定が主観的な授業時間の長さイメージや没入感に及ぼす影響に関する研究を行ってきた。また、附属山口小学校の協力を得た研究においては、Googleフォームを用いた授業の「振り返り」において音楽科における没入感を調査し、その結果から音楽科における没入感の認識や領域・活動との関連を明らかにした。本研究では、筆者らが開発した音楽科における小中学生版「深い学び」尺度を大学生向けに適用し、没入感尺度を加えて調査・分析することで、合唱における「深い学び」と没入感の実態を明らかにすることを目的としている。 調査・分析の結果、因子間の相関係数はr =0.6〜0.78と高い値を示し、因子間の相関係数が強いことが示唆された。今年度の合唱の授業では、受講生のモチベーションを高めるよう工夫し、最終回の授業で仕上げの合唱を終えた直後に本研究の調査を実施したことで調査結果に影響を与えたことが考えられる。合唱の授業に対する没入感を高めるには、授業が分かったと考えられるようになること、楽しいと思えるようになることという2つの経路(パス)があることが示された。本研究では、合唱の授業を対象としたが、大学の授業は専門性の高い科目によって占められているため、本研究で得られた知見は他の授業科目にも応用できる可能性がある。
Creators : Takahashi Masako Okibayashi Yohei Publishers : Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University
This study examined the influences of arousal of anticipatory regret by status quo bias on the suppression of hind sight bias. In this study, travel risk in situations of high risk of COVID-19 infection was considered a factor evoking anticipatory regrets, and population density in the area of residence was considered to affect subjective risk of infection for COVID-19. Considering that the experimental participants in this study were university students at a local university, three regions were selected as the evoked travel destinations: overseas countries, urban areas in Japan, and rural areas in Japan. The results of the bias analysis showed that anticipatory regret suppressed the hindsight bias in the overseas condition, while anticipatory regret promoted the hind-sight bias in the rural condition.
Creators : Kubo Minori Okibayashi Yohei Publishers : Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University
Creators : Okibayashi Yohei Matsuoka Yoshiki Morishige Kosuke Nakamura Yukari Kubota Takane Fujinaga Keigo Publishers : 山口大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
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日本教育工学会研究報告集 Volume 2011 Issue 5 pp. 87 - 90
published_at 2011-12-17
Creators : 沖林 洋平 田中 理絵 鷹岡 亮 岡村 吉永 Publishers : 日本教育工学会
Cognitive studies : bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society Volume 19 Issue 1 pp. 3 - 8
published_at 2012-03-01
Creators : Okibayashi Yohei Fujiki Daisuke Kusumi Takashi Publishers : 日本認知科学会