Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University

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Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University Volume 32 Issue 1
published_at 1981

Grain Size Distribution and the Related Plastic Flow in Engineering Metallic Materials

Takimoto Akio
Touge Mutsumi
Yamaguchi Morie
Nai Masami
Yoshimura Shigemitsu
Tochino Takafumi
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The distribution functions of grain sizes are determined for engineering sheet materials of 6-4 brass, copper, SS-41 and aluminum with a sufficient accuracy. Statistical variables of a mode, a median and a standard deviation are determined in addition to a mean. Flow stress is found not necessarily to obey the Hall-Petch relationship in all ranges of plastic strain and the mean grain size employed here except the results in 6-4 brass. The strain hardening exponent (n) increases in a parabolic way as the mean grain diameter increases. The dependence of strength and ductility on the strain rate is shown and the n-value increases as the strain rate increases in SS-41. Variation of the n-value with respect to the width to thickness ratio of a specimen is also discussed for copper.