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The purpose of this paper is to present a macroeconomic model, in which the bank determine the loan interest rate and the deposit interest rate by assuming the loan demand curve and the deposit supply curve. The bank adjusts the loan interest rate and the deposit interest rate while observing the difference between the assumed demand for loan and the actual demand for loan.
PP. 1 - 19
Taiwan has not yet been singed the “Convention on Nuclear Safety; CNS” that was adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 1994. However, if these international activities help promote nuclear safety, Taiwan must participate in it and fulfill its related obligations. Therefore, despite Taiwan being a non-member state to the CNS, it is required by the Convention to act as a member state to meet all the requirements addressed in the CNS. Ensuring the public trust of nuclear safety regulations in the most important policy issue for the location, operation, waste disposal and off-commissioning of nuclear power plants, etc. As part of an international comparison of nuclear safety regulatory bodies in the East Asian region, this note organizes and evaluates the independence and transparency of Taiwan’s regulatory bodies.
PP. 67 - 104