Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University Volume 69
published_at 2020-01-31

Inquiry into the educational effects on children of cooperative expressive drawing activities designed to foster interpersonal relationships

Hachiya Masayuki
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The issue addressed here was the difficulties children in the same class have of furthering interpersonal relationships. The reason is thought to be a lack of understanding individually in children of others and of themselves. Therefore in class activity time, we established an opportunity and a venue to raise both such aspects of understanding by having the children engage in expressive drawing activities. Before and after each session, we undertook an assessment using the Self-Esteem Scale [4-Point Scale] (Tokyo Version) to gauge any rise in selfaffirmation and sense of self-usefulness on the part of the children involved. Considering the level of development achieved, such activities in childhood bring out the best in participants, help them recognize each other, and have a positive educational effect.