The philosophical studies of Yamaguchi University

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The philosophical studies of Yamaguchi University Volume 17
published_at 2010-03-24

The mission of Islam in the contemporary world : the liberation of the earth through reestablishment of the Caliphate

イスラームの今日的使命 : カリフ制再興による大地の解放
Nakata Ko
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The aim of this paper is to show the Idealtypus of the Islamic politics, i.e., the Caliphate (Khilāfah), which is the key concept to understand the contemporary so-called Islamic movements because the Caliphate is still the normative Islamic polity binding on Muslims as The Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence (al-Mawsū'ah al-Fiqhīyah) which is endorsed by the Ministry of the Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Kuwait clarifies that the establishment of the Caliphate is obligatory by consensus of Islam...