Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Training

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Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Training Volume 3
published_at 1991

A study on the training of pre-school teachers : through music expression with hand-made instruments

幼稚園教員養成課程の教師教育の内容に関する試論 : 音楽表現を通して
Katayama Jyunko
Nonami Takehiko
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One of the aims of the present revision of the Course of Study is to ”put more emphasis on the education of positive attitudes toward learning and the ability to actively respond to change of society.” In other words, the revision points to the importance of having children acquire how to get actively involved in the learning process and also educating their willingness to do so itself, as well as training them to think, judge, and express themselves. These goals are expected to be achieved not only in elementary and higher educations but also in pre-school education. To bring the active learning into practice in the latter we propose a methodology of music expression with hand-made instruments. The present paper is a report of an experiment of the method we carried out with students of pre-school education in order to let them have a direct experience of the method and think over how to achieve the goals stated above.
Creator Keywords
the training of pre-school teacher
pre-school education
music expression
hand-made instrument
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