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Saeki Kyoko

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

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Yamaguchi medical journal Volume 71 Issue 1 pp. 15 - 23
published_at 2022-02-22
We have developed ACTce‑CCM̶ Analysis and Coordination Tools of Clinical Ethics in Critical Care Medicine. The preparation process was carried out in four stages:construct setting and prototype creation, application of prototype version to fictitious cases, clarification of the construct based on focus group interviews, and a fact-finding survey on ethical issues and ethical adjustment. The completed version of ACTce-CCM consists of information organization and assessment frameworks, problem analysis and integration, problem lists, goals, care practices, and ethical adjustment. There are six frameworks for information organization and assessment:pathology and treatment, QOL and QOD, patient intention, family psychosocial situation, medical team situation, and the surrounding situation. The problem lists include those related to the patient, the family, and the medical staff. Goals include those of the medical team and the expected outcomes for the patient/family. Care practices and ethical adjustment consist of three aspects: direct patient care, direct family care, and medical team adjustment.
Creators : Yamase Hiroaki Tado Asami Yamamoto Konami Tatsuno Junko Suda Kaho Saeki Kyoko Publishers : Yamaguchi University medical association
Creators : 佐伯 京子 近沢 三枝 藤野 典子 藤田 貴子 玉井 愛理 倉田 町恵 Publishers : 山口大学医学部附属病院看護部
Creators : 柏村 由紀子 笹木 麻美 安達 康子 佐伯 京子 宇多川 文子 Publishers : 山口大学医学部附属病院看護部