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Fukumasa Osamu

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

Hydroxyapatite coating using DC plasma jet

Japanese journal of applied physics. Pt. 1, Regular papers & short notes Volume 45 Issue 10B Page 8348-8351
published_at 2006-10
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Hydroxyapatite coating using DC plasma jet
Creators Kurita Masanori
Creators Fukumasa Osamu
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dc plasma jet plasma spraying functionally graded coatings hydroxyapatite titanium
Hydroxyapatite (HAP)-coated implants on metallic substrates have been used as biomaterials. The problem is that the HAP coating on metallic substrates is easily exfoliated at the boundary between HAP and metallic, e.g., titanium (Ti) substrates. Therefore, a Ti-HAP functionally graded coating (FGC) is considered to improve the adhesion of Ti-HAP coatings. In this paper, Ti-HAP FGC is tested using a well-controlled DC plasma jet and discussed. It is confirmed that Ti-HAP FGC films with good adhesion within three layers are prepared.
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Publishers 応用物理学会
Date Issued 2006-10
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Schools 大学院理工学研究科(工学)