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Fukumasa Osamu

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

Spraying of MgO films with a well-controlled plasma jet

Surface & Coatings Technology Volume 169-170 Page 579-582
published_at 2003
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Spraying of MgO films with a well-controlled plasma jet
Creators Fukumasa Osamu
Creators Tagashira Ryuma
Creators Tachino Kazufumi
Creators Mukunoki Hirotaka
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plasma jet thermal plasma reactor plasma spraying MgO coating
With the use of our original thermal plasma reactor, spraying of MgO films was studied. Under some experimental conditions, MgO films were well prepared, although spraying of MgO is usually said to be difficult due to its particular properties. The relationship between spraying conditions, including basic parameters of plasma jet (i.e. chamber pressure, jet power, jet temperature, jet velocity and spraying distance) and the films prepared are briefly discussed.
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Date Issued 2003
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Schools 大学院理工学研究科(工学)