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Fukumasa Osamu

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

Thermal plasma processing : syntheses of diamond and β”-alumina

Surface & Coatings Technology Volume 131 Issue 1-3 Page 493-499
published_at 2000-09
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Thermal plasma processing : syntheses of diamond and β”-alumina
Creators Fukumasa Osamu
Creators Sakiyama Satoshi
Creator Keywords
thermal plasma processing plasma jet synthesis of new ceramics diamond films β”-Alumina
Thermal plasma processing using a plasma jet with high speed and high heat capacity under reduced pressure (≦100 torr) is one of the most promising methods for synthesizing new materials. We have newly developed a thermal plasma reactor composed of a forced constricted type plasma jet generator with a feed ring, and confirmed that this reactor generates stable plasma jets with a high heat capacity under various operating conditions. In this paper, to realize the large area deposition at a high rate, synthesis of diamond films from gas mixtures of CH_4 and H_2 is studied. Synthesis of β”-alumina, thermoelectric materials for the alkali metal thermoelectric converter (AMTEC), from powder mixtures is also discussed.
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Publishers Elsevier
Date Issued 2000-09
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Schools 大学院理工学研究科(工学)