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Fukumasa Osamu

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

Synthesis of β-Al_2O_3 by the thermal plasma processing

Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University Volume 44 Issue 1 Page 159-165
published_at 1993-10
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Synthesis of β-Al_2O_3 by the thermal plasma processing
Creators Fukumasa Osamu
Creators Sakiyama Satoshi
Creators Sakurai Yoshihito
Creators Aoki Keiichirou
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In order to clarify the application feasibility of the plasma jet reactor operating under low pressure (~100Torr) to thermoelectric materials processing, we have studied production of ultrafine particles of refractory materials and synthesis of β-Al_2O_3. We have confirmed that many ultrafine particles have been produced in the pressure range from 100 Torr to 55Torr, and that the shape and the diameter of the produced particles depend on both the diameter of raw powder materials and the jet power. Further more, it is also found that β-Al_2O_3 are successfully synthesized from the mixture of α-Al_2O_3 and Na_2CO_3 particles under not only atmospheric pressure but also low pressure.
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Publishers 山口大学工学部
Date Issued 1993-10
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