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Tani Seiji

Affiliate Master Yamaguchi University

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Volume 120 Issue 41 pp. 23813 - 23822
published_at 2016-09-30
The interlayer space of clays is an interesting microenvironment to control the properties of included organic materials. In this study, chromic hybrid films consisting of synthetic saponite (SSA) and fluorescent organic molecules with planar p-conjugated systems were fabricated. The hybrid films exhibited reversible fluorescence color switching induced by swelling and drying, which caused the gallery height of SSA to change. Ultraviolet–visible absorption, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence measurements of the hybrid films strongly suggested that the organic molecules formed an excimer in the swollen interlayer space of SSA, while they were a monomer in the dried interlayer space. The different emission wavelengths of the excimer and monomer resulted in the fluorescence color switching of the hybrid films. The reversibility of the color switching was maintained for at least 50 cycles with no change of fluorescence maxima. These chromic hybrid films represent a novel approach to obtain color switching.
Creators : Tominaga Makoto Oniki Yudai Mochida Shuhei Kasatani Kazuo Tani Seiji Suzuki Yasutaka Kawamata Jun Publishers : American Chemical Society
Clay Science Volume 19 Issue 4 pp. 79 - 83
published_at 2015
We have found that X-ray diffraction peaks of clay-organic hybrid films were narrowed after swelling followed by removing of solvent. We fabricated hybrid films consisting of natural montmorillonite (Mont), synthetic saponite (SSA) or synthetic stevensite (SST) and a cationic organic molecule. Full width at half maximum (FWHM) of 001 reflection of as-prepared Mont hybrid was 1.58 2θ degree whereas that after swelling and solvent removing procedure was 0.84 2θ degree. This decreasing of FWHM indicated that the improvement of packing order of clay particles in clay-organic hybrid was occurred during swelling and solvent removing procedure. Similar decreasing of FWHM was also found in hybrids consisting of SSA or SST. Improvement of packing order of hybrid was found to accompany suppression of light scattering of hybrid at the same time.
Creators : Suzuki Yasutaka Himeno Daisuke Tominaga Makoto Tani Seiji Nozaki Koji Kawamata Jun Publishers : The Clay Science Society of Japan
Cell structure and function Volume 39 Issue 2 pp. 125 - 133
published_at 2014
Creators : Moritomo Hiroki Yamada Kengo Kojima Yuki Suzuki Yasutaka Tani Seiji Kinoshita Hazuki Sasaki Akira Mikuni Shintaro Kinjo Masataka Kawamata Jun Publishers : 日本細胞生物学会
Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan Volume 53 Issue 2 pp. 62 - 67
published_at 2015-03-27
Creators : Tominaga Makoto Sugihara Hiroyuki Mochida Shuhei Tani Seiji Suzuki Yasutaka Kawamata Jun Publishers : 日本粘土学会
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Volume 14 Issue 4 pp. 2895 - 2900
published_at 2014-04
Creators : Suzuki Yasutaka Yamamoto Kota Mikata Kensuke Nishioka Yukihiro Tani Seiji Kawamata Jun Publishers : American Scientific Publishers
Clay science Volume 17 Issue 2 pp. 41 - 45
published_at 2013-06
Creators : Suzuki Yasutaka Tenma Yuta Nishioka Yukihiro Tominaga Makoto Tani Seiji Kawamata Jun Publishers : Clay Research Group of Japan
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology Volume 13 Issue 14 pp. 2649 - 2654
published_at 2012-11-01
Creators : Tani Seiji Nakagawa Kenta Honda Takuya Saito Hiromasa Suzuki Yasutaka Kawamata Jun Uchida Makiyo Sasaki Akira Kinjo Masataka Publishers : Bentham Science Publishers
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology Volume 9 pp. 658 - 661
published_at 2009
Creators : Tani Seiji Yamaki Hiroshi Sumiyoshi Azumi Suzuki Yasutaka Hasegawa Shinya Yamazaki Suzuko Kawamata Jun Publishers : American Scientific Publishers
The Journal of physical chemistry. A Volume 112 Issue 23 pp. 5198 - 5207
published_at 2008
Creators : Hirakawa Shoichiro Kawamata Jun Suzuki Yasutaka Tani Seiji Murafuji Toshihiro Kasatani Kazuo Antonov Liudmil Kamada Kenji Ohta Koji Publishers : American Chemical Society