Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University. Natural science

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University. Natural science Volume 19 Issue 2
published_at 1970-03

Further additions to the fishes of Yamaguchi prefecture in the inland sea of Japan.

Katayama Masao
KATAYAMA and FUJIOKA(1958)reported 246 species from Ooshima-gun and the adjacent sea,Yamaguchi Prefecture. In this report the author has enumerated twenty five unrecorded species of fishes with brief descriptions,which are to beincluded into ichthyo-fauna of Yamaguchi Prefecture in the lnland Sea of Japan. Among these fishes the following ten fishes seem to be unrecorded hitherto in the lnland Sea of Japan.(1)Salangichthys ishikawai WAKIYA et TAKAHASI (2)Gymnothorax reticularis BLOCH (3)Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus (LINNAeus) (4)Pseudupeneus indicus (SHAW) (5)Xiphasia setifer SWAINS (6)Pomacanthops filoamento SMITH (7)Rhinesomus concatenatus (BLOCK et SCHNEIDER) (8)Chilomycterus affinis (GUNTHER) (9)Cottiusculus schmidti JORDAN et STARKS (10) Lipparis tanakai(GILBERT et BURKE) The majority of fishes found in the lnland Sea of Japan are southern fishes, but in this investigation three nothern fishes, viz. Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus (LlNNSEUS),Cottiussculus  SCHMIDTI JORAAN et STARKS and Lipparis tanakai (GILBERT et BURKE) are captured. Pomacanthops filamentosus SMITH collected at Hashirajima,lwakuni City seems to be new to the fauna of Japan. Body length 150mm (total length 184mm). D.XII,21;A.III,21;P.19;gill rakers on first arch 51+13. Head length 3.19in body length ; depth 1.74 ; length of fifth dorsal soft ray 1.95 ;length of fifthanal soft ray 2.14 ; pectoral fin length 4.07 ; pelvic fin length 2.78.Snout length2. 35 in head length ; upper jaw length 3.91 ; eye diameter 3.27 ; interorbital space3.45 ; length of preopercular spine 3.61 ; depth of caudal peduncle 2.23.Body well compressed. Preorbital entire,its hind border not free. Hind margin of preoperclefinely denticulate,with spine at angle longer than eye. Scales on head minute ; onbody irregular,no auxiliary scales.Lateral line complete. Both soft dorsal and anal greatly produced beyond end of caudal ; pelvics extended to anal origin ; caudalgently rounded. ln formalin,body dark brown ; across middle of side,a broad pale band from posterior base of spinous dorsal down to middle base of anal. Many crescent black spots on anterior and dorsal side of body ; opercle with several small b1ack spots. Caudal pale yellow,with a narrow dark hind margin ; hind margin of soft dorsal and anal narrowly black.