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フルテキストURLA020014000101.pdf ( 1.5MB ) 公開日 2010-04-16
タイトルNeurochemical Considerations on the Alleviating Effect of Caudal Resection of the Pancreas on Epileptic Seizures; Relationship of Zinc Metabolism to Brain Excitability
作成者Tokuoka, Shunji
Fuchimoto, Takeshi
Hiraoka, Hiroshi
Takashima, Masanari
Fujii, Masataka
Watanabe, Masanori
作成者ヨミトクオカ, シュンジ
フチモト, タケシ
ヒラオカ, ヒロシ
タカシマ, マサナリ
フジイ, マサタカ
ワタナベ, マサノリ
内容記述(抄録等)A series of experiments were performed in order to verify our assumption that the alleviating effect of the caudal resection of the pancreas on the epileptic seizures may have some connection with the disturbance of zinc metabolism. For this purpose the following problems were investigated : (1) the effect of subtotal pancreatectomy on zinc metabolism, brain excitability and its neurochemistry ; (2) relationship of zinc metabolism to brain excitability and its neurochemistry ; and (3) histological changes in the endocrine organs following subtotal pancreatectomy. Subtotal pancreatectomy caused a marked disturbance of zinc metabolism in the early postoperative period, as shown in the following isotopical data: (1) a decrease in the body retention of 65Zn ; (2) a decrease in the distribution of 65Zn in the brain ; and (3) a decrease in the retention of 65Zn in the hippocampus and dentate gyrus. The intensive effect of zinc denciency or intoxication on brain excitability suggests that such disturbances of zinc metabolism may produce changes in brain excitability. The changes in brain excitability and its neurocllemistry following subtotal pancreatectomy were nearly consistent with those in zinc deficiency (I. e., increased EST and shortened MES, decreased brain carbonic anhydrase and increased brain Ca). This finding is compatible with the isotopical data, indicating that subtotal pancreatectomy causes the development of zinc deficiency. Intracerebral injection of metal-chelating agents caused both an increase in EST and the diminution of Timm's reaction for zinc in the hippocampus anddentate gyrus. From this observation and the discussion in this paper, it seems likely that the characteristic decrease in the retention of 65Zn in the hippocampus and dentate gyrus following subtotal pancreatectomy has some effect on the neurochemical mechanism of seizures in this region. The sum of the results obtained indicates that the effect of subtotal pancreatectomy on brain excitability is closely related to the disturbance of zinc metabolism, although the participation of hormonal disturbances such as hypothyroidism cannot be denied.
出版者Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine
学内刊行物(紀要等)The bulletin of the Yamaguchi Medical School
掲載誌名The bulletin of the Yamaguchi Medical School