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  • A study of the characterization new hemoglobin variant : Hb Hachioji (β62 E6 c.187C>T,alanine-valine),coincidentally found in a Japanese subject with hemolytic anemia of unknown origin   Mella, Ferania / 2018
  • ペリネイタル・ロスを経験した父親へのケアに対する助産師教育プログラムの開発   河本, 恵理 / 2018
  • miR-125b-1とmiR-379aは大腸癌ワクチン療法の効果予測バイオマーカーである   田中, 宏典 / 2018
  • A canine liver fibrosis model to develop a therapy for liver cirrhosis using cultured bone marrow-derived cells   松田, 崇史 / 2018
  • Development of novel mouse model of ulcers induced by implantation of magnets   竹内, 由利子 / 2018
  • ヒト膵癌細胞におけるDclk1阻害によるChk2リン酸化の抑制を介したゲムシタビンの細胞傷害性効果の増強   河村, 大智 / 2018
  • Association of immunoglobulin G4 and free light chain with idiopathic pleural effusion   村田, 順之 / 2018
  • Mutation-linked excessively tight interaction between the CaM-binding domain and c-terminal domain of the cardiac ryanodine receptor as a novel cause of catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia   西村, 滋彦 / 2018
  • Urinary 8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine as a myocardial oxidative stress marker is associated with ventricular tachycardia in patients with active cardiac sarcoidosis   石口, 博智 / 2018
  • Extracellular miR-224 as a prognostic marker for clear cell renal cell carcinoma   藤井, 央法 / 2018

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